Tim McCall is a researcher and educator in the Washington, DC area who holds dual appointments in research and higher education: he is associate director in the research department at American Academy of Physician Assistants (AAPA), and also director of the health sciences undergraduate courses in the School of Medicine and Health Sciences at The George Washington University (GW).

While completing his graduate studies in social psychology, Tim developed a passion for data analysis and research methodology. His research at AAPA focuses on work experiences of PAs, including provider burnout, wellness, and issues related to social equity. In addition to health workforce research, Tim is passionate about teaching and providing future health care leaders the skills to critically assess research and impact change in health care. At GW, Tim teaches statistics and biostatistics to both undergraduate and graduate health sciences students.


Other interests and hobbies include running the website S.S. Edmund Fitzgerald Online, visiting museums, and exploring Washington, DC with his husband, Miguel. Tim is open to volunteer and board opportunities in the DC area.