Tim McCall hails from Indianapolis, Indiana, where he completed his undergraduate and graduate studies.  While completing his bachelor's degree in psychology at Indiana University he became increasingly interested in social psychology and social cognition, which he studied at Purdue University for his master of science and doctor of philosophy degrees. At Purdue, Tim studied group stereotyping and political perception and developed a passion for data analysis and research methodology; utilizing best practices allows one to use data to drive change in any field.

Tim is passionate about education and social policy advocacy. He has taught at multiple universities and served for several years on the board of directors of the Indiana Family Health Council, a provider of family planning and reproductive health funding for agencies around that state. He is open to volunteer and board opportunities.

Tim currently lives in the Washington, DC area where he holds dual positions in health workforce research as well as education administration. Other interests and hobbies include running the website S.S. Edmund Fitzgerald Online, visiting museums, and exploring Washington, DC with his husband, Miguel.